Adam Bodony
Artistic Director

Janette Brown
Executive Director

Susan Kitterman
Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus


Member Handbook 2018-2019

Download the  pdf 2018-2019 Member Handbook (249 KB)

Contact the Artistic Director

         Adam Bodony


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Contact the Executive Director

            Janette Brown


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Contact your Conductor

            Symphony – Adam Bodony


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            Philharmonic – Dan Whisler


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            Concert – Joel Powell


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Absences can make rehearsals difficult for everyone, particularly in the case of soloists or those with unique parts. We may also schedule sectionals for an individual section if deemed necessary, but this will only be effective if most of the section will be present.


Therefore, missing excessive rehearsals (more than two per trimester) is unacceptable and the conductor may take this into account during seating and if the problem persists the conductor may take further action. Removing membership without tuition reimbursement is the final action that may be taken and the conductor may do so if deemed necessary.


A check-in table is provided at each rehearsal. It is your child's responsibility to check in at rehearsal each week at this table. A Parent Volunteer will be stationed at this table to assist with check-in, but if no one is there your child should return at break to make sure he or she is noted as present.


  • Each member is allowed two excused absences prior to each performance.
  • Excused absences are those reported by Sunday the week before the absence or those due to illness or family emergency (death in the family, for example). Absences not reported at least one week prior to the missed rehearsal will not be considered excused (except in the case of illness or family emergency).
  • Regular excused absence: Submit an absence notification form (available at rehearsal and on the website) at least one week in advance.
  • Emergency/illness: Submit a notification via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text to 317.912.0547
  • Dress rehearsal absences: These should be EXTREMELY infrequent and are subject to your conductor's approval. We will NOT accept absence notifications for dress rehearsals within the week prior to the rehearsal/concert except in the case of illness, death in the family, or similar cases. For those with an individual part (winds, brass, percussion, soloists) and principals, there is less flexibility. Please note possible conflicts early so that we can work together to compromise or resolve the conflict altogether.



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Weekly Rehearsals


Check in Procedure – All members must check-in with the Parent Volunteer before entering the rehearsal room. Those who do not check-in will be counted as absent that day. If no one is seated at the table, it is the member's responsibility to return to the table and be checked in.


Parents at Rehearsals – Parents and family members are welcome to sit in on rehearsals. Children age 10 or under must have a parent or guardian stay for the duration of the rehearsal.


Music Stands and Rehearsal Clean-Up – Music stands are in constant demand at rehearsal (by other groups as well) and must be returned to stand racks at the end of rehearsal. Unless otherwise noted, students do not need to bring stands to rehearsal. Below is the clean-up policy for each orchestra:


            Concert Orchestra -- Members are expected to help with cleaning up the rehearsal room

(trash/chairs/stands) each Sunday.


Philharmonic Orchestra – Members are expected to help with setting up the rehearsal room and clearing any trash before leaving each Sunday.


Symphony Orchestra – Members are expected to help with setting up stands and cleaning up the rehearsal room (trash/chairs/stands) each Sunday.


Student Expectations -- Members are expected to behave in a manner that reflects positively on the New World Youth Orchestras. This means:


  • Smoking, use of other substances, and alcohol use are not permitted while the member is engaging in NWYO activities.
  • Keep voices low when dismissed for break and after rehearsal; New World is often not the only group rehearsing and respect should be paid to others.
  • Food should not enter the rehearsal room. Drinks with caps are allowed.


  • Trash from these snacks should be disposed of at the end of rehearsal.


Rules are in effect before, during and after rehearsals, rehearsal breaks, road trips, retreats, and performances. Policy violations may result in the member being asked to relinquish membership in the orchestra. It is a privilege to rehearse at each location. Members are expected to treat the staff and the facility with grace and respect.


Rehearsal Locations


Jordan College of Fine Arts (Lilly Hall), Butler University

  • Lilly Hall is located next to Clowes Memorial Hall near the corner of 46th and Sunset Avenue.
  • Parking is available in the parking garage located behind Clowe’s Hall. Free parking is available on surrounding side streets (46th street in particular) but is limited. Parking in “A” spots may result in a ticket issued by Butler PD. Parking in “FIR” spots will result in towing.


Hilbert Circle Theatre / Symphony Centre (32 E Washington Street)

  • Enter through the Symphony Centre at 32 E. Washington Street (NOT the main HCT entrance on Monument Circle).
  • Parents have access to lounge areas and may watch rehearsal from the hall.
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the backstage lounge only. The only exception is water for woodwind and brass musicians who may have water on-stage for instrument purposes only.


Other locations used for rehearsal in recent years:

  • Pike High School
  • University of Indianapolis
  • The Haverstick at Church at the Crossing


Weekly Newsletter


A weekly newsletter will be e-mailed, usually on Thursday afternoon, to all NWYO participants to provide the most up-to-date information and announcements for that week. Please add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your contact list to be sure to receive these reminders. If you are not receiving the emails, check your spam or promotions folder to make sure they aren’t being filtered out of your inbox.


*          *          *          *          *

Weather Policy

New World students travel from many different areas of central Indiana, and weather is not always consistent across that entire space. Therefore, we rarely cancel rehearsal due to weather. Please use your best judgment in determining if it is safe for you and your child to travel to rehearsal. If rehearsal is canceled, we will send a text message to the New World Remind group (to join, text the message “@nwyoi” to the number 81010) We will also send a group email and post notices on our Facebook and Twitter pages.




Symphony Orchestra - $495 ($520 if Payment Option 2 is chosen; $550 if Payment Option 3 is chosen)

Philharmonic Orchestra - $400 ($420 if Payment Option 2 is chosen; $450 if Payment Option 3 is chosen)

Concert Orchestra - $300 ($325 if Payment Option 2 is chosen; $350 if Payment Option 3 is chosen)


Payments may be made by check (made out NWYO) or by cash. Credit card payments can be made by visiting the Payment Page on our website, Please note the above prices do not include retreat fees ($30 for all orchestras).


Refund Policy


Tuition will be fully refunded if the member chooses not to participate prior to the first rehearsal/retreat and this information is submitted in writing or via e-mail to the NWYO office prior to the first rehearsal/retreat.


During the first semester (through December), half of the tuition will be refunded if a member cannot participate in orchestra activities due to documented medical reason or relocation of the student's family only.


Requests for tuition refunds must be submitted in writing to the NWYO office.


Delinquent Tuition Policy


New World will issue reminders of balances due throughout the season. If a member has not paid his or her balance in full either by the specified payment plan date or April 1, that member may lose his or her seat for the final concert in May. Members with balances due by May 15 will not be allowed to return for one full season. If a member is unsure as to the ability to pay by the required deadline, please contact the NWYO office immediately to discuss options.


Seniors must be paid in full to participate in the final performance of the season.


Audition applicants for the following season must have their balances paid in full prior to scheduling an audition.



*          *          *          *          *

Seating Auditions

General Information

  • Seating takes place once during each concert cycle.
  • Check the calendar for the date of each orchestra's auditions.
  • Recordings of the auditions will either be taken at rehearsal or recordings submitted electronically from home.
  • Concert and Philharmonic Orchestra conductors reserve the possibility of altering the process outlined below.



  • Selected excerpts will be handed out at least two weeks prior to the audition date.
  • Members should rehearse selections and prepare for the audition with their private teacher.
  • Auditions will take place during the designated rehearsal.
  • Members may be asked to leave rehearsal to enter a warm-up room.
  • Members may be asked to mark the excerpts in their music with the provided materials.
  • Once a recording room is available, the member will enter and record his or her audition.
  • Members are assigned a random number in order to remain anonymous (Symphony and Philharmonic). Member names and voices are not recorded in order to keep the process anonymous; the adult recording will instead state the number assigned and ask that they begin their excerpts. MEMBERS MAY NOT REPEAT EXCERPTS IN THE EVENT OF A MISTAKE.       Concert Orchestra – auditions will be recorded with a video camera in order to assess technique in addition to the performance of the music.
  • Following auditions, a compilation of recordings will be given to the conductor to review. The adult who recorded the auditions, to ensure confidentiality, will hold a corresponding list of names WITH numbers.
  • Once the seats have been determined, members will be alerted via e-mail, and the list will be brought to rehearsal.


What if I can't attend seating auditions?

  • Home recordings -

                        Alert your conductor as far in advance as possible of the absence AND YOUR



Parents must supervise the recording of an audition in the manner above, including timing. No repeating of the excerpts should be allowed and all excerpts should be recorded in one take (placed on one track – multiple tracks may disqualify your recording).


Recordings must be received in the office by 11:59 pm on the day of seating auditions, unless other arrangements have been made.


Do not speak on the recording – include your name, orchestra, and section in the subject line of your email. The email itself will not be forwarded to the conductor, but compiled with the other audition recordings in the master file and a random number will be assigned at that time.


Members who do not submit a recording and cannot attend seating auditions will be seated at the bottom of the section for this concert cycle. There will be an opportunity to audition for each concert.


*          *          *          *          *

School Music Participation


New World Youth Orchestras expects each of our members to participate in his or her school music program. School music programs are the backbone of music education in our country, and as an organization we support school music programs.


Is it a requirement? Although NWYO expects that each member participate in his or her school music program if one is available to them, we do occasionally make some exceptions. These exceptions must be documented at the start of each school year.


The School Music Participation Form gives you a space to explain lack of participation in school music. If deemed necessary, NWYO will contact you and ask for you to describe the steps you've taken as a family to try to include school programs in your schedule. If steps still need to be taken, New World staff will help facilitate discussion that may result in a creative solution unique to your child! We've found that there are solutions to boredom and scheduling conflicts that can be overcome with just a few conversations.


*          *          *          *          *


Concert Attire – Philharmonic and Symphony


Members are expected to provide their own concert attire. Concert dress is not required for dress rehearsals.

Note to ladies: Outfits in recent years have include skin-tight pants and skirts and short skirts. Please refrain from these outfits as they are unsuitable to the formal image that we expect on-stage.


Boys                                                                Girls

Black dress slacks                                      Black dress long-sleeved, floor-length, tea-length, or mid

Black tux or suit jacket                               calf      or

Black socks                                                   Black floor-length or tea-length skirt and black, long

Black bow tie                                                            sleeved blouse or dressy long-sleeved knit top or

Black dress shoes                                       Black dressy slacks, such as palazzo pants, and long-

(no tennis shoes, hiking                            sleeved blouse or dressy long- sleeved knit top

boots, sandals, etc)

White, long-sleeved dress shirt               Black colored pantyhose                                       

Tux pants, jackets, shirts and bow                       Black dress shoes (no tennis shoes, hiking boots, sandals)

ties used by many school orchestras and          No conspicuous jewelry or makeup

bands are acceptable.                                Sleeves must be three-quarter length or long sleeve.           

                                                                        No tank tops or short sleeves.









Concert Attire – Concert Orchestra

Concert attire for Concert Orchestra is black bottoms and white tops. Bottoms should be dress slacks or skirts. Skirts should be at least knee length. White blouse, collared, and button-up shirts are acceptable. No sleeveless shirts or tank tops, shorts, or casual shoes. Black dress shoes are appropriate and black socks should be work with slacks.


*          *          *          *          *



General Information


Parents and families provide much needed support to the staff of NWYO by assisting with concerts, rehearsals, office work, and the music library. Our staff depends on this assistance to provide the musical services to your child.


Yuletide Celebration – Cookie Sales


An NWYO Favorite! Each December, NWYO volunteers at 7 performances of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's Yuletide Celebration. Volunteers at these performances allows NWYO to perform on the Hilbert Circle Theatre stage at a reduced cost for one concert each year.


We need a volunteer leader (Crew Chief) for each night to report to the ISO staff and assign duties to NWYO volunteers. If you've participated as a Yuletide volunteer in the past, we hope you will consider taking on this role.


Concerts - Volunteers are responsible for helping set up, tear down, sell merchandise, check in, backstage help, and audience surveys.


Rehearsals - These volunteers help with set up, tear down, check in, passing out music, seating auditions and other miscellaneous tasks. Perk: If you are a parent, you can help out while you wait for your child to finish rehearsing. No extra car trips.


Other – do you have a skill that you feel would benefit NWYO? Contact us!

Janette Brown This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


*          *          *          *          *

Financial Support for NWYO

Tuition funds received from members of the orchestra account for only a portion of the income needed to support NWYO's programming. Tuition may account for about 40% of the annual budget leaving NWYO to raise funds in other ways. Below are some of the ways in which your family can help NWYO fundraise in the community:


Student Sponsorships

Student sponsors are financial supporters of the NWYO. These student sponsors can be comprised of friends, family, co-workers, or anyone who wants to make a tax-deductible contribution in the name of the student who procured the sponsorship.


We do ask that all participants in NWYO be responsible for a minimum of $75 per student. Of course, you may raise more than that amount! Once the sponsorship has been procured, please mail it to the NWYO office or have the donor mail it directly along with a student sponsorship form. Once a sponsorship has been received the donor will be sent a letter recognizing their donation to the NWYO. The donor's name will also be printed in the concert program for the duration of the season. Remember: this may be eligible for matching funds from the donor's employer!


Corporate Sponsorships

Many corporations in Indianapolis and the surrounding area provide financial support to non-profit and arts organizations. If you work for a corporation or business that would support NWYO with a financial or in-kind donation, please contact the NWYO office to discuss your thoughts.


In many cases, an internal request from an employee will be received with greater enthusiasm and support than a cold call from NWYO. Corporations are interested in supporting those activities that are important to their employees. You and your child are our greatest advocates. Call the office to find out how to help!


Program Advertising

New World offers advertising spots in concert programs throughout the season. This is another one of the many opportunities for your own company or one that you frequent to show support for the arts and the non-profit community and advertise their products/services. This is also an excellent opportunity for parents to place personal words of encouragement for their son or daughter (a great idea for graduating seniors!!). Forms are available on-line.


Our playbill, which lists our roster and program of music for the season, is handed out free of charge and is professionally designed and printed. We offer businesses a chance to advertise in our playbill for an incredible annual rate. These ads identify the business as a supporter of the arts and a friend of the community. We urge those of you who own businesses to advertise in our playbill. We also hope that those of you who work for corporations will take the form and help us by submitting it to your marketing departments.


Those who submit a tax-deductible contribution to NWYO may be eligible for matching funds from their employer. Check to see if your company offers a matching program to make your contributions go even further!


Graduating Seniors


NWYO recognizes each of our graduating seniors in our May concert program. We ask each senior to submit an information form that will be used to complete a bio.


Program Notes

Members of the Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras may request to write program notes for the pieces being performed in each concert. Program notes help our audience and members to learn more about the pieces they are performing, creating a deeper understanding of the music and lives of the composers. Those who would like to write program notes may request to do so by speaking with their conductor AND the Executive Director.


Ticket Donations

Concert tickets can be donated to charities and other non-profits for fundraising purposes (silent auctions, raffles, etc). If you are involved in a fundraising event and would like NWYO to consider a ticket donation to the charity or non-profit, please mail a letter from the organization to the NWYO office. These donations are free publicity for our concerts and will broaden our audience base.



2019-2020 Auditions

All returning members will be required to audition to retain their seats in NWYO. Information about the audition process will be handed out in the spring and posted on the website.


* * * * * * * * * *


NWYO Board of Directors


Irena Goloschokin, President

Bob Swaney, Vice President

Ben Kitterman, Treasurer

David Wilcox, Governance and Nominations

Adam Bodony, ex officio

Dr. Brenda Clark

Robert Goodlett

Paul Helft

Chuck Kocal

Leonid Sirotkin

Bob Swaney

Amy Wright





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